iEcho SKII Cutting System

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During the cutting process, the cutting depth of the tool can be adjusted in real time to ensure that the drop between the table and the tool is consist.

Automatic Knife Initialization accuracy <0.2 mm Automatic Knife Initialization efficiency increased by 30%.
iEcho SK2 Cutting System

Through magnetic scale positioning, real-time detection of the actual position of moving parts, real-time correction by the motion control system, truly achieve the mechanical movement accuracy of the entire table is ±0.025mm, and the mechanical repeatability accuracy is 0.015mm

IECHO SKII adopts the linear motor drive technology, which replaces the traditional transmission structures such as synchronous belt, rack and reduction gear with electric drive motion onto connectors and gantry. The fast response by the “Zero” transmission greatly shortens the acceleration and deceleration, which improves the overall machine performance significantly.

It is suitable for the production of advertising signs, printing and packaging, automotive interiors, furniture sofas, composite materials and other industries.

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